Care and Nursing Department

It is dedicated to those requiring continuous care and professional nursing assistance.



Modern equipment, professional staff and wide range of services are main features of our rehabilitation service.



In the recently renovated early 20th century building, situated on beautiful park ground, we have created a space for seniors who value independent comfortable living in a community that provides safety and a wide range of services.



A true home is a place where you can smell freshly prepared delicious meals. At the Sunny Park we serve high quality courses.

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It is graciously called the autumn of life… Old age is an inevitable stage of human existence, which may be – as a golden autumn season – colorful and vibrant. But often limitations arise as time goes by, which makes it difficult to stay positive. We are convinced that old age is worth living well, without trying to escape from reality and while staying confident of your own great value.

The Salwator Park Care and Rehabilitation Center is an institution which offers professional care, activities to improve one’s physical and mental condition, all in a modern, elegant and safe space for seniors. Our aim is the care for continuing integral development of seniors, which will help them to appreciate their own value, discover new possibilities and live creatively. For us gray hair symbolizes wisdom, each wrinkle equals a life crisis overcome, weathered hands are sings of numerous achievements. Based on the richness of their life experience we inspire seniors to respond to challenges as efficiently as possible according to their individual ability.

If you are reading these words you probably are a senior looking for a warm home, a community and peace or you are a person concerned for the future of your loved one in need of professional care, warmth and safety, all provided in a respectful manner. We invite you to familiarize yourself with what we offer. We are aware that the decisions you face are not the easy ones. Therefore, we will be glad to assist and address all your concerns with patience and compassion.