Care and Nursing Department

The Salwator Park Care and Rehabilitation Center includes the Care and Nursing Ward. It is dedicated to those requiring continuous care and professional nursing assistance. At present we are not able to accept those who require hospital level care, or those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or mental illness. Our residents may count on professional care provided by qualified staff consisting of nurses, attendants, physiotherapists and medical specialists.

Friendly, unobstructed space furnished with modern equipment makes for a safe and comfortable environment. Each room has its own bathroom fully adapted to meet the needs of those with partial disabilities and those who are fully disabled.

For each resident we prepare an individual development plan focused on physical, mental and spiritual betterment.

The fully-modern rehabilitation department offers a wide variety of treatments: kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, magnet therapy, laser therapy, massage and more.

Our in-house kitchen ensures fresh and tasty meals prepared in accordance with a personalized diet. The restaurant-like setting provides an opportunity to celebrate events such as birthdays and jubilees with family and friends.

The peaceful surroundings allow our residents to enjoy silence and closeness with nature. Even those unable to move may observe changing seasons, through large windows facing the park outside the building.

Residents are provided pastoral care; the chapel is always open. There is also a TV channel transmitting the daily Eucharist celebrated in the chapel.

Maximum number of residents:

50 persons

Room types:

1 to 4 person rooms with bathrooms


  • Stiegelmeyer beds,
  • anti-bedsore mattresses,
  • In-room Nurse Call System,
  • TV SAT, including our own channel,
  • Internet